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The Manager word:

For nearly twenty years ESMISAB has been training engineers at the master level (in France ingénieur is a master grade)  in the fields of microbiology, hygiene, quality and safety of products.
At ESMISAB scientific and technical training of high level is supplemented by a very important human training for varied careers. This introduces an adaptability favourable to evolutions of careers of Ingénieurs ESMISAB whose skills in " quality " are definitely acknowledged by employers.

Well established within Britany and in the Great West of France, a major european region in food production and transformation, ESMISAB reserves a great place to links withindustrials, both at the level of educations and acquisition of useful skills (practice, industrial interventions, plans of studies) and in discovery and knowledge of structures and diversity of industrial activities.

The quality of its training and its contacts with firms allows today ESMISAB to fit with a very good rate to job opportunities on the market  in numerous areas.

If you want to follow studies in the field of applied biology while searching a professional training opening on manifold careers come and join us at ESMISAB.


Entrance at the ESMISAB :

National 'Ecole d'Ingénieurs' internal to the University of Brest, ESMISAB recruits students having already completed 2 to 4 years of superior scientific and multidisciplinary sudies.

First year entrance at the Licence 3 level (European frame)  is open to students having completed either a L2 or L3 cycle or a DUT (technical cycle) and to students of french special  preparative classes as BCPST, PC or TB.

Entrance in 2nd year at the Master 1 level is possible for some students having a bachelor degree, MI or M2 degree depending on the recognized adequacy of their studies.


Entrance in 3rd year at the Master 2 level is possible with a M1 or M2 degree depending on the recognized level,  but will give only (ECTS) credits for units as the french Law requires at least 2 years of training in a 'Grande Ecole' to be able to obtain the title of 'Ingénieur'.


For further explanations on the French education system have a look at the excellent page of ENSTB our neighbour.


Studies at ESMISAB :

Major points of training are microbiology, quality of products, mastering of health and toxic risks, knowledge of tools for food and products quality and safety. This last point covers the whole of the food or product chain and implicates a good knowledge of products, since the first stages of their elaboration through their industrial transformation to distribution and consumption. This is the so called path 'from pitchfork to fork' but it could be from the cell culture to a vaccine.

Cursus is organized in the form of lessons, tutorials, laboratory and in industrial plans, divided on 5 semesters in different units of education from 100 to 200 hours plus the final semester devoted to the most important internship in industry.

Training includes also three industrial internships for a total of a good 10 months.



Functions and Types of Jobs :

 ESMISAB forms 'Ingénieurs' exercising their functions in quite varied services as Quality anf Hygiene open to other sectors inside a firm :: Quality, Safety of Food and Environment, Research and Development, Counseling, Audits, Commercial, Production etc..
The areas of placement are agri-food  but more and more firms of busines advice, sanitation industries, beauty products and parapharmaceutics, public agencies of research and control, retail firms, hospital area, etc.

Some students go on afterwards to a thesis as 'Ingénieur' being a master grade allows it :  is often required in Research and Development in big firms.



Pour nous écrire

ESMISAB - Technopôle Brest - Iroise

29 280 Plouzané France

Tel : (33) 2 98 05 61 00

Fax : (33) 2 98 05 61 01


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